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“Vizsolyi writes in the voice of the wounded and the wondrous, reminding us that passion is the fruit of suffering one’s desire.” —Eliza Rotterman, ZOLAND POETRY

“His surreal anacoluthons follow one another so closely, so insistently, each poem is a tumbling game where syntax and language easily fall into various complementary meanings.” —Kent Shaw, THE RUMPUS



because language is gesture

pimply light where the aphorism grows rich and ghastly

the nightgown on the chair of the mad bell ringer

the gunpowder passion of the frightened roman

so beautiful a gnat might come about her singing

the machine gun spelling out her name in the mummy of the ancient pharaoh

the king suspecting the kingdom

the prosecutor staring at his sneakers

the success of the infant break-dancer

the unrefined palette of themovie actor’s cat

no more airplanes better dreams better grapes less pity

what crazy laughter the invisible soldier on your tongue

piles wide as texas of obsolete fiction

the age of grief our era


ma-vizsolyiM.A. Vizsolyi’s first book of poems, The Lamp with Wings, was a National Poetry Series selection.  His poems appear widely in journals, including Ploughshares, Gulf Coast, Ninth Letter, and Pleiades.  He teaches ice hockey and ice skating lessons in Central Park, and lives in Brooklyn.